Department of Public Health Sciences

Women's Healthy Eating and Living Study (WHEL)

The Women's Healthy Eating and Living study examines the effect of a plant-based diet on the prevention of the recurrence of breast cancer. UC Davis is one of seven clinical sites recruiting 3,000 women throughout the Western United States for the eight-year project.

Our participants:

  • are between 18 and 70 years of age at diagnosis
  • were treated for breast cancer (stage I, II, or IIIA) in the four years prior to enrollment
  • had no recurrences at the time of enrollment
  • attended one individual and one group meeting to learn more about the study
  • were assigned by a flip of the coin to one of two healthy eating groups
  • visit our clinic once a year to be weighed and to give a small amount of blood
  • tell us what they're eating on a regular basis
  • allowed us to obtain copies of the part of their medical records that are about breast cancer

The benefits of participation are: Learn more about nutrition and a healthy lifestyle

  • Dietary feedback from registered dietitians
  • Regular cooking classes
  • Regular newsletters & recipes
  • Thank youís and incentives
  • Satisfaction in knowing that they are playing an important role in preventing breast cancer

Other clinical sites:

University of CA, San Diego
(619) 534-4977

University of Arizona
Arizona Cancer Prevention Center
(520) 321-7744

Northern California Cancer Center
(510) 429-2580

University of Texas
M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
(713) 745-3275

Kaiser Permanente Northern California
Div. of Research, Oakland, CA
(510) 450-2144

Center for Health Research-Portland
(503) 335-2463