Department of Public Health Sciences

Strontium Citrate for Osteoporosis Prevention Evaluation (SCOPE)


A widely available over-the-counter dietary supplement promoted to “improve bone health.” Strontium Ranelate is a proven medication prescribed in Europe and Australia for the treatment and prevention of osteoporosis and related fractures. Strontium citrate is another form of Strontium.


Osteoporosis affects many people and causes fractures with pain, disability, and even death. We hope to find a simple, inexpensive way to prevent it.

Healthy Women Volunteers Needed!

Participants: Postmenopausal women at least 1 year but less than 8 years since last menstrual period.

What to do:

  • Screening visit w/ blood draw @ UC Davis Medical Center
  • A free DEXA w/ blood draw
  • Take daily for 3 months Calcium/Vitamin D & either Strontium Citrate or Placebo pill
  • Two 30-min end-visits @ UC Davis Medical Center (blood draw/short questions)

For more information contact Stephanie Burns, Study Coordinator, (530) 754-7576