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Assessment of azinphosmethyl exposure in California peach harvest workers

McCurdy, S. A., M. E. Hansen, C. P. Weisskopf, R. L. Lopez, F. Schneider, J. Spencer, J. R. Sanborn, R. I. Krieger and B. W. Wilson

Archives of Environmental Health. 1994. 49(4):289-296.

We compared measurements of urinary alkylphoshate metabolites and oxime-induced reactivation of plasma cholinesterase (P-ChE) and erythrocyte acetylcholinesterase (RBC-AChE) with measurements of foliar residues, skin and clothing contamination, and PChE and RBC-AChE activities among 20 Northern California peach orchard workers exposed to the organophosphate agent azinphosmethyl (Guthion). Subjects entered orchards treated 30 d previously with azinphosmethyl and worked 21 d in treated fields during the ensuing 6 wk. Dislodgeable foliar residues ranged from 0.32-0.96 mu-g/cm-2. Median reduction in RBC-AChE activity was 7% (p lt .001) over the initial 3-d period of exposure and 19% (p lt .01) over the 6-wk season. Urinary metabolites were the most sensitive indicator of recent exposure and correlated moderately with dermal and clothing levels (r-s = +0.31+0.55); urinary metabolites correlated well with RBC-AChE drawn 3 d after exposure began (r-s = -0.77). No significant oxime-induced reactivation was found.

Keywords: (Enzymes--Physiological Studies), (Blood, Blood-Forming Organs and Body Fluids--Blood Cell Studies), (Urinary System and External Secretions--Physiology and Biochemistry), (Integumentary System--Pathology), (Toxicology--Environmental and Industrial Toxicology), (Public Health: Environmental Health--Occupational Health), (Horticulture--Temperate Zone Fruits and Nuts), (Pest Control, General; Pesticides; Herbicides), Animals, Chordates, Vertebrates, Mammals, Primates, Humans, Research Article, Human, Urinary Alkylphosphate Metabolites, Plasma Cholinesterase, Erythrocyte Acetylcholinesterase, Skin Contamination, Foliar Residue, Usa

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