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Validation of Patient Health Questionnaire-9 Korean version (PHQ-9-K) scale for screening depression of Korean Americans in community settings

Shin J, Park S-Y, Cho S, Chiu Y, Bang H, Bernstein K

Journal of Theory Construction and Testing. 2010. 14(2):45-51.

Validity of the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9) has been studied in primary care settings, but few studies have validated the PHQ-9 among ethnic minorities in community settings. This study aimed to validate the PHQ-9K, a translated version of PHQ-9, as a screening tool for depression among Korean Americans in community settings. Administered to 373 Korean Americans, the PHQ-9K was compared with the Korean version of Center of Epidemiologie Study of Depression (CES-D-K) scales. Internal consistency estimates and an exploratory factor analysis were performed to establish reliability and validity. The PHQ-9K indicated that 25% of Korean American participants were moderately or severely depressed. The PHQ-9K scale showed good internal reliability (Cronhach a=0.88). A positive relationship between the PHQ-9Kand CES-D-K (r=0.76) supported convergent validity. An exploratory factor analysis of the PHQ-9K yielded one factor (depression) with the item "feeling down and depressed " explaining 62% of the variance. The PHQ-9Kdemonstratedacceptable psychometric properties as a screening tool for depression among Korean Americans in community settings.

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