Department of Public Health Sciences

The Department of Public Health Sciences (formerly the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine) is a clinical and research department in the UC Davis School of Medicine.

The mission of the Department of Public Health Sciences is to improve the health of people using approaches based in epidemiology, biostatistics, economics, and behavioral science through research, educational programs, clinical programs, public service, and policy development.

Public Health Sciences faculty researchers specialize in the following areas:

Cancer Epidemiology
Child Neurodevelopment
Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology
Health Disparities
Health Economics and Health Policy
Immigrant Health
Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Injury and Violence
Molecular Epidemiology
Musculoskeletal Disease
Neurodegenerative conditions
Program Evaluation
Quantitative Methods and Bioinformatics
Reproductive and Women’s Health
Respiratory Disease



Job Announcements

    Assistant/Associate Adjunct Professor

Assistant/Associate Professor and Assistant/Associate Adjunct Professor Biostatistics

Assistant/Associate Adjunct Professor in Biostatistics/Bioinformatics

Assistant / Associate Adjunct Professor - Biostatistics

Assistant/Associate Adjunct Professor, Infectious Disease Epidemiology

Graduate Student Researcher - Nutrition and Social Marketing

Assistant/Associate Adjunct Professor, Biostatistics

Assistant Associate Adjunct Professor, Biostatistics (Position 3530)

Assistant/Associate Professor, Statistical Genetics (two positions)

Assistant/Associate Adjunct Professor of Biostatistics

Associate/Full Professor of Biostatistics

Faculty Search - Department of Orthopaedic Surgery - Orthopaedic Epidemiologist Surgeon Faculty Position

Faculty Search - Molecular/Genetic Cancer or Chronic Disease Epidemiologist Faculty Position

Faculty Search - Assistant or Associate Professor of Biostatistics

Social Determinants of Health and Disease Faculty Position - Associate or Full Professor - Search #PU-02R-11

Dean's Professorship in Biostatistics -Search #PU-03R-11

Associate Professor (Social Determinants of Health and Disease)

Molecular Nutritional Epidemiologist (Tenure-Track)

Occupational and Environmental Health Faculty Position

Analyst V - Scientific Review Administrator

Programmer IV (Statistical Analysis)

Staff Research Associate II (50%) Ag Health and Safety

Account Manager - AA III - VL# 4221-S - Final Filing Date February 7, 2002

Accounting Asst - AA II - VL# 4243-S - Final Filing Date February 12, 2002

Staff Research Associate III (50%) Sacramento Community Health Study

Community Health Program Manager

Data Manager (AA III) - California Cancer Research Program - Job# 5608 - FFD 8/7/02

Statistical Programmer - Sacramento California

Community Health Program Manager - Martinez, California

Staff Research Associate

Sr Community Health Program Rep - CHARGE Study - Open Until 3/15/04


Medical Records Technician - Sacramento - Job No 11939

Senior Community Health Program Representative - Davis - Job No 11964

Community Health Program Representative - Sacramento - Job No 11941

Programmer IV - Davis - Job No 11971

Sr Survey Worker - Sacramento

SRA III, Supervisor - Sacramento

Sr Community Health Program Rep - Davis

Community Health Program Rep - Sacramento

Health Program Specialist - CA Dept of Health Services - Sacramento

Asst Statistician - #13323 - FFD 7/27/05 - DAVIS

Executive Asst to the Dept Chair - #13358 - FFD 7/29/05 - DAVIS

Personnel Manager - in Davis - FFD Aug 29

Asst. Community Health Program Rep. (Job# 16641)

Staff Research Associate (Job# 16586)

Nurse Practioner/Physician Assistant (Job# 16311-N)

Executive Assistant to the Department Chair (- - Assistant III)

Staff Research Associate IV

Student Affairs Officer II

Job# 020738 Executive Assistant to Chief of Environmental and Occupational Health - __Assistant III

Job# 020740 Executive Assistant to the Director of the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health - __Assistant III

Job# 020801 Statistician

Education and Outreach Coordinator (Program Representative III)

Sr. Community Health Program Rep Job#022273 Final Filing Date 4/18/08

Administrative Specialist II-Supvr Job#022355 Final Filing Date 4/24/08

Programmer I - Web Applications Programmer

Bone Technologist - Requisition ID: RE.0900578

Statistician (Clinical Research Statistician/Programmer) - JR#025506

Analyst III - Grants Administrator (JR#027988) Open Until Filled

Administrative Assistant III (Executive Assistant to the Chief of Biostatistics) JR#028592 FFD: 12/17/10

Computer Resource Specialist I (JR#029363) Final Filing Date: 03/19/11

Per Diem Phlebotomist (JR#029517) Final Filing Date: 4/09/11

NCS - Junior Specialist

Sr. Editor - (JR#029486) FFD: 4/15/11

MARBLES/EARLI - Junior Specialist (click on Job Listing above for more info)

Physician Asst. (JR#030145) and Nurse Practitioner (JR#030144) - Per Diem Appts. FFD: 6/9/11

Sr. Community Health Program Rep. (JR#030590) Final Filing Date: 7/26/11

Sr. Community Health Program Rep (JR#029197) Open Until Filled

Sr. Statistician (JR#030205) Final Filing Date: 7/01/11

Statistician - (JR# 028497) Open Until Filled

Administrative Assistant III - (JR#030597) Final Filing Date: 8/05/11

Analyst VI - Emergency Response Exercise Mgr (JR#029384) Open Until Filled

Programmer IV - (JR#029742) Open Until Filled

Programmer III (JR#029743) Open Until Filled

Programmer III (JR#029754) Open Until Filled

IT Director - Programmer VII-S (JR#028931) Open Until Filled

Community Health Program Rep. (JR#029952) Open Until Filled

Statistician (JR030180) Open Until Filled

Staff Research Associate V (JR#030100) Open Until Closed

CAHAN - Health Alert Network Coordinator (Job No 030829) - Click 'JOB LISTINGS' above to see summary

Programmer III - (JR# 028169) Open Until Filled

Administrative Assistant III - (JR# 030917) Final Filing Date: 1/30/2012

Job #031556 - AAIII - Dept Personnel Assistant

Senior Community Health Program Rep - TCEC - Job #032237

Postdoctoral Position in Health Services Research & Policy - Division of Epidemiology

JOB# 033094 - Executive Assistant to Dept Chair - Admin Spec I, Supvr - FFD 6/25/2012

JOB# 032555 - DATA ANALYST / Analyst II

JOB# 032584 - Training Program Specialist / Analyst IV

Job# 033395 - DCDC Office Manager / ---Assistant III

Job# 033608 - Health Research / Analyst V

Job #034205 - Epidemiology Analyst

JOB# 034015 - CAHAN Help Desk Support Specialist / Analyst III

JOB #033842 --- Senior Community Health Program Representative

Job #033843 --- Specialist EH&S III / Chemical/Biochemical Research Scientist

Job #034394 Executive Assistant

Job #034564 - Data Analyst

Job #034547 --- Specialist EH&S I

Executive Assistant (__ Assistant III) - located at CDPH, Sacramento

HAI Program Chief (MSP II) - located at CDPH, Richmond.

SQL Data Administrator, Programmer V - Job #035941

Academic Personnel Coordinator (___Assistant III)

Executive Assistant - COEH - Job 036596

Analyst IV - CDER - Sacramento CA - Job 036411

Analyst III - CDER - Sacramento CA - contract position - Job 036410

Executive Assistant - COEH - Job 036596

Contract and Budget Analyst I - Medical Surveillance Program - FFD Nov 21, 2013

Sr Community Health Program Rep - Medical Surveillance Program - FFD Nov 25, 2013

Programmer III - Data Mgmt - CHARGE Study - FFD January 3, 2014

Computer Resource Specialist I - CDER - Richmond CA - Job 036557

Research Scientist - CDPH - Richmond CA - FFD open until filled

COEH - Accounting Assistant III - Job 038164 - FFD March 20, 2014

Regional Infection Prevention Consultant (5 positions) - CDPH - Richmond - Job 038161 - Open Until Filled

Programmer V - SQL Data Administrator - CDPH - CDER - Sacramento - Job 037386 - FFD April 28, 2014

EH&S III - Lead IP - CDPH, Richmond, CA - Job 038421 - Open Until Filled

EH&S I - Policy Analyst - CDPH, Sacramento CA - Job 038300 - Open Until Filled

Contract and Finance Analyst (Analyst I)

Job #039505

Human Resources Analyst - Job #039241

BRACE Health Data and Geospatial Analyst II

Epidemiology Analyst III

Epidemiology Analyst II

MPH Student Affairs Officer 1 - FFD 08/14/14

Programmer III (Data Management)

040042 - SAS Programmer

EH&S III - Infectious Disease Clinical Lead

Outreach/Communications Analyst

Communications Analyst

Programmer III

Junior Specialist

Environmental Health & Safety Specialist

Postdoctoral Scholar Position Open in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences