Department of Public Health Sciences

Susan L. Stewart

  Associate Professor, PhD
  Division of Biostatistics
Susan Stewart's research interests and activities include statistical methods and issues in cancer, population-based research, quality of life, health disparities, behavioral interventions, study design and data quality. Stewart has served as national biostatistical director and program evaluator for the Asian American Network for Cancer Awareness, Research and Training (AANCART), and chaired a group determining reporting measures across all 23 such Community Network Program Centers funded by the National Cancer Institute's Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities. Her select recent undertakings also include quality-of-life analyses in breast cancer patients and assessments of behavioral interventions for breast and colorectal cancers, hepatitis B and smoking cessation. Stewart is also addressing cross- cutting statistical issues in a multi-center longitudinal study, and investigating effects of geographical clustering on the variance of parameter estimates in community intervention trials.

1987: Ph.D., Statistics, University of California, Berkeley 
1982: M.A., Statistics, University of California, Berkeley 
1974: A.B. , Applied Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley 

Professional Affiliations/Awards
1995-Current: International Biometric Society
1992-Current: American Public Health Association
1984-Current: American Statistical Association

Selected Publications
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