Department of Public Health Sciences

International Health Faculty Mentors at UC Davis

Name Department Mentor Student? Country/Region
Mark Agius, MD Neurology Yes Malta & U.K.
Roblee Allen, MD Pulmonary Himalayas
Aaron Bair, MD Emergency Medicine Yes Costa Rica
Ramon Berguer, MD Surgery Yes Central America
William Birdsong, MD OB/GYN Mexico
Hugo Bogren, MD Radiology Yes Bangladesh
William Bommer, MD Cardiovascular Med Yes Asia, Africa, Europe & South America.
James Brunberg, MD Radiology No Interested in the topic of Intl Health.
Lavjay Butani, MD Pediatrics Yes India
Paul Cox, MD Psychiatry Yes Guatemala
Sakti Das, MD Urology Yes India, Nicaragua, Mexico and Cuba.
Milind Dhond, MD Cardiology No U.K.
Jonathan Ducore, MD Pediatrics Russia, Kayalkstan and China.
Cirre Emblen, NP/PA FNP/PA Program Yes Multiple countries x 20 years.
Faith Fitzgerald, MD Int Med Dean's Office Yes Peru and Mexico
Eugenio Gerscovich, MD Radiology Yes Ecuador and Mexico
Jerry Last, PhD Pulmonary/Crit Care Yes Argentina and Uruguay
Kiyoung Lee, PhD Epidemiology Yes
Russell Lim, MD Psychiatry Yes Asian countries
Erich Loewy, MD Bioethics Program Yes European countries
Michele Manos, PhD, MPH
James Marcin Peds - Crit Care Yes Costa Rica, Argentina, and South America
David Moehring, MD Ortho Yes Nepal and RVN
Marjaneh Moini, MD Radiation Oncology Yes Italy and Iran
Naiel Nassar, MD Internal Medicine Yes Egypt
Karen Zurek Pantazis, MD Anesth - Pain Medicine Yes Greece
Boris Ruebner, MD Pathology Yes Great Britain, Germany and Japan
Joseph Silva, MD Dean SOM Yes Russia, extensive travel
Anthony Stone, MD Urology Yes U.K.
Jerold Theis, DVM Med Microbiology Yes Indonesia and Malaysia
Jose Torres, PhD Med Microbiology Yes Latin America
Rick Troy, PhD Biological Chemistry Yes Japan, Taiwan, Switzerland and Korea.
David Wisner, MD Surgery No Germany
Granger Wong, MD Surgery
Ken Yoneda, MD Pulmonary/Crit Care Maybe India