Department of Public Health Sciences

Anotated International Health WWW Pages

Academic Info = -- Home page for a health science resource infomration. Earning adegree in healthcare is a valuable first step toward becoming a physician, registered nurse, dental assistant, veterinary technician, social worker or other healthcare professional.

Accredited Online Colleges/Regional Accreditation = -- is a comprehensive and informative resource that ranks each university in America by size, degrees offered, tuition costs, admission rates, graduation rates, and retention rates.

Agency Health Care Policy Research = -- Home page for a major government sponsor of research related to clinical practice outcomes and policy. Though primarily concerned with domestic research, some of AHCPR's work is concerned with international research, comparative studies, and cross-national practice standards. Entering the word "international" in AHCPR's search engine can access studies with international relevance.

Am. Medical Student Assn/Foundation = -- Home page for AMSA, this and other AMSA websites provide one of best single sources of information on field placements, travel advice, study tours, residencies, IH activism, and much more, along with links to many other organizations and sources of information relevant to service and study abroad. Students can purchase a printed directory on "IH Electives for Medical Students".

Am. Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene = httlp// --- Home page of ASTMH with listings of overseas opportunities [with many links to organizations and information about locations, type of work, financial arrangements, contacts, etc.], travel clinic directory, funding and fellowships, newsletter and more. The Am. J. of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene provides an extensive listing of overseas opportunities at approximately three-year intervals, and whole text copies of recent issues are provided online.

Boston Univ. School of Public Health = -- Boston Univ. SPH's graduate degree and short-term certificate programs in IH.

Canadian Society for International Health (CSIH) = --- A membership organization with multiple activities and numerous links with Canadian and internatioal websites.

Medexplorer = -- A search engine that is specific to health. Besides providing a search capability, it contains approximately 30 subject categories that can provide quick access to topics of interest.

CDC, International Health Program Office = --- Home page of CDC's unit responsible for IH activities. Information is provided on current projects, global health plans and services; programs; staff roster; IHPO capabilities; information resources and country-specific information; information for travelers and consular information sheets; CDC global partners; and links with other organizations. In late 1997 the CDC home page [] has a search engine that for the terms "international health" generated almost 8000 documents out of 18,000 total.

Centers' for Disease Control Travel Information --- Sections include: Reference Material (a wealth of information about diseases, locations, specific precautions); Disease Outbreaks; Additional Information; Geographic Health Recommendations. =

Child & Family Health International = -- CFHI is a global family of health professionals and students working at the grassroots level. We support our International Partners though community health projects and Global Health Immersion Programs. CFHI’s 20+ programs in 5 countries connect local health professionals with international students —transforming perspectives about self, global health and healing.

Christian Connections for International Health = -- A membership organization (about 20 listed) that promotes " health and wholeness with a Christian perspective." Lists contacts, articles, trip reports, and books and teaching resources.

CIA Publications and Factbooks = -- Includes among its sections: World Factbook [provides a wealth of information on virtually all countries]; Handbook of International Economic Statistics; CIA Maps and Publications Released to the Public.

Dept. of Public Health Sciences, Univ. Of California, Davis = -- Describes UCD IH internships and provides links to many other IH resources and programs.

Ethical Issues in IH Policy = -- Describes a collaboration since 1992 in medical ethics between the Univ. Of Colombo and Univ. Of Oslo; provides full text discussion papers and extensive links to papers prepared by other organizations on current issues of equity, financing, privatization, costs, service delivery.[NO CONTACT]

Global Health:Making Contacts = -- Contains a gold mine of IH resources and projects designed to develop the architecture for a health information structure for the prevention of disease in the 21st century.

Global Health Office, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
= -- Provides sections on: academic and outreach program; student IH activities; international fellowship program; and links to other websites. Descriptions of their war and health program, and of their "Health-to-Peace Handbook" can be accessed at

Health A to Z = --- A medicine-specific search engine covering almost 30 subject categories. No specialized information on IH.

Healthy Cities
= --- Describes the Health Cities project, now well established in the US and gaining links overseas. Seeks a comprehensive approach to the development and maintenance of healthy urban life.

Institute of Medicine [National Academy of Sciences] = -- Institute of Medicine's home page. Sections of relevance to IH include: IOM Program Activities; External Links; Board on International Health (and the Board Publication List).

International Health Economics Assn
= -- Home page of an international association of persons interested in health economics. The iHEA includes a online newsletter, job postings and meetings schedule, a worldwide directory of health economists, and will soon feature an online journal.

International Healthcare Opportunities Clearinghouse = -- Home page of the Univ. of Mass. Medical School's web site designed for health-care professionals and students interested in volunteer work, employment, or studying with under-served communities at home or abroad. The site provides: extensive listings of organizations with internet links; a list of onlline resources, courses, and books on IH; and information about how to get funding. It now has a search engine that can locate organizations according to country, level and discipline of personnel accepted, language capabilities, level of support required or provided, religious affiliation required or not, duration of placement, and other variables; provides links to home pages of organizations where available.

International Health and Traveler's Medicine [Medical College of Wisconsin/Milwaukee = --- Produced by the Medical College of Wisconsin/Milwaukee, this web page provides source of information for international travel, including links to other organizations.

International Medical Corps = -- "IMC is a private, nonsectarian, nonpolitical, nonprofit humanitarian relief organization established in 1984 by volunteer US physicians and nurses." The home page lists IMC's programs and job openings for doctors, nurses and other health professionals.

International Development Research Council = -- Home page of IDRC, Canada's agency for funding development research, including many health-related projects. Provides information about current and recent projects, program initiatives, publications, training and funding opportunities. Much important research has been carried out with IDRC support.

International Health Care Research Guide = -- Centre for Advancement of Health at the Univ. of Calgary (Alberta, Canada) has provided an online resource that includes: a international health care researcher database; links to many of the medical schools and faculties around the world; a directory to health care research sites around the world; and more.

International Red Cross = -- Home page of this venerable organization. Includes a country by country listing of ICRC activities and special sections on topical issues such as civil wars, disasters, landmines, etc.

Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health = -- Home page of the School of Public Health. See especially for the home page of the Dept. of Interntional Health for complete information about the objectives, activities and courses of the four divisions that make up one of the largest and oldest academic departments devoted to IH education and research, and for links to other useful sites, including NGOs that may have IH jobs.

Library of Congress Country Studies = -- Provides detailed and authoritative information on many of the countries of the world prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress. The website has an impressive search engine that can search across the data base for any combination of words, rank the hits in order of closeness to your search terms, and then provide links to the desired text. The LoC homepage is

Medicine & Global Survival journal = -- A publication of the British Medical Journal group, this journal features articles on war and peace issues. Members of International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War and of Physicians for Social Responsibility have been instrumental in its creation and editing.

Medscape = -- Provides free, full-text, peer-reviewed clinical medicine articles, search engine, CME resources, and unrestricted access to MEDLINE, AIDSLINE, and TOXLINE.

National Council for International Health = -- As of September 26, 1997 this home page was not developed. However, the NCIH is a membershiip organization and major resource for persons interested in IH. Annual meetings are held in June in the Washington, DC area, the NCIH publishes newsletters, occasional documents such as the "Directory of U.S. International Health Organizations," and operates a Career Network to bring employers and job applicants together.

Pan American Health Organization [PAHO] = -- Home page of WHO's regional office for the Americas. Pages of particular interest include lists of publications, country health profiles, technical information, and links with other organizations.

Population Reference Bureau [PRB] = -- Provides a wealth of information about U.S. and international population trends; includes lists of publications, reprints of newsletters, definitions of demographic terms, resources for teachers and policymakers, and links to numerous other population related websites.

Population Institute = -- Home page of a NGO institute working to alert policymakers and the public about the key issues relating to population growth and to the need for population stabilization.

Public Health Online = -- A non-commercial organization, launched in 2013 to provide public health resources to those considering a career in public health or currently employed in the industry.

Research funding opportunities = -- The Univ. of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Researcher Information Service provides a listing of research resources of all types in the U.S. and in many other industrialized countries, provides links to resource institutions, and includes a search engine for resources by persons based at participating institutions.

Rockefeller Foundation = -- Provides information about the Foundation, its programs, grant recipients and amounts awarded, and sites where research is being done.

Ford Foundation = -- Provides information on one of the largest U.S. foundations active in national and international health.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation = -- Home page of one of the largest U.S. foundations specifically oriented towards health issues. Though the RWJF does not fund international projects, it may be useful in funding or reporting on projections relevant to IH.

MacArthur (The John D. and Catherine T.) Foundation = -- Home page of one of the largest U.S. foundations, with a large commitment to national and international heallth, development, and population issues. The "MacArthur Foundation Hot Links" page provides links to resources in the non-profit and philanthropic world, to organizations in each program area, and to grantees.

Shoreland's Travel Health Online = -- Sections include: Country profiles (health, economic, crime, climate, and other data); Travel Medicine Provider (lists of physicians in various USA states and foreign countries specialized in travel medicine); General Travel Health Concerns; Preventive Medications and Vaccines; Summaries of Travel Illnesses; and US Dept. of State Publications.

Travel Medicine, Inc. = -- A physician-directed company providing travel health information and products for domestic and international travelers, including a travel clinic directory.

Tulane SPH IH programs = -- Home page of the Dept. of International Health and Development of the Tulane Univ. School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine. Of particular interest is the Center for International Resource Development's page on a "Toolkit for Crisis Prevention, Mitigation and Recovery in Africa," developed with USAID support. This page provides multiple links and data dealing with conflict disasters, refugees, crises, epidemics, food security, natural disasters, with special reference to Africa.

UNICEF = -- Home page to the united Nations Children's Fund, with pages covering publications, statistics, activities, and lots more.

United Nations & related organizations = -- Index and links to all agencies within or related to the U.N. system.

US/USAID = -- Home page for the US government agency that conducts foreign assistance and humanitarian aid to advance the political and economic interests of the United States. Provides a wealth of information about accomplishments, programs, publications and more.

US/DHHS = -- Home page of the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, the principal federal agency concerned with health services and data in the USA. Information about the Office of International Health [DHHS/HRSA/OA/IHA] and the International Health Program Office [DHHS/CDC/IHPO], units within the CDC, can be accessed, as International Health Affairs [DHHS/HRSA/OA/IHA] through the DHHS home page.

Weather webpage = -- National and international weather forecasts plus lots of more detailed weather-related information.

World Bank = -- Home page to the World Bank and its constituent regional and specialized banks which together represent the principal multinational sources of funding for developing countries. The WB group provides substantial support to health, nutrition and population (HNP) programs, publishes many cross-national reviews, research studies, and country-specific documents on HNP topics, provides country profiles and, through its annual World Bank Report, provides a large amount of statistical information on all the countries of the world.

World Health Organization / WHO = -- Home page to WHO, with access to all its divisions and programs, and links to other relevant organizations.