Department of Public Health Sciences

International Health

The international focus of our department emphasizes that research and teaching about disease and prevention must incorporate a global perspective. International health studies ethnic groups in the U.S. as well as international patterns of disease in order to reach conclusions about risk factors and prevention that will be universally applicable in reducing the burden of disease and disability worldwide. Toward that end, we offer courses in international health, promote research internationally, invite scientists from many countries to join us for teaching and research, and maintain a network of resources and contacts here and abroad.

Courses at UCD
Courses on the Davis campus for students with an interest in global health issues.

Medical internship opportunities in foreign countries
The Department of Public Health Sciences is involved in several projects overseas within which students may apply for internships.

International Health Faculty Mentors at UC Davis
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World Health E-mail Listserv
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International research and teaching collaborators
Lists of sponsors interested in international health.

Other international programs at UCD
Links to other sites on the UCD campus.

Annotated International Health WWW Pages
Links to other international health sites.